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The breeze in your hair, the calm sound of the waves…

A beach wedding is a perfect way to have a beautiful wedding in a quiet and spectacular environment. The styling should be simple and natural, yet luxurious and glamorous too. I am going to share with you five top tips to plan for a beautiful beach wedding, ensuring you have the beach wedding you have always dreamt of.

 1) Wedding Dress and shoes

Choose a dress easy to move in. For example, a ballgown would be too big for a beach wedding. Go for a lightweight fabric like chiffon or charmeuse which will move harmoniously in the sea breeze. Regarding shoes, high heels are not the best choice for walking on sand, whilst going barefoot or wearing flat sandals are a must for a beach wedding. What do you think of jewels sandals? Personally, I love them!

2) Wear a long-lasting, natural make-up

Waterproof or water-resistant makeup is necessary for a beach wedding. Prefer a matte finish over a glossy one, as this will increase the longevity of your make-up and ensure better photos.

3) Choose the right time of the day

A beach ceremony at noon means it may be very hot. Lighting is something very important to consider too as you want to have taken the best pictures. So, what’s the best time of the day for a beach wedding? Photographers suggest having the ceremony one and a half hour before sunset.

4) The reception menu 

The best thing of beach wedding is that reception menus can vary from casual BBQs to more sophisticated food. Whatever you choose, make sure your menu incorporates locally-sourced ingredients with stunning presentation.

5) Have a plan B

Sometimes weather may not be as clement as we wish, so it is essential to have a backup plan. Booking a place which has got indoor space too certainly is a safe option.

If you need more advice, we’re here to help. Leave us a comment in the box below or send us an email.

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Goethe said, ‘To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.’​

Taormina is certainly one of the most picturesque villages in Sicily, with its alleys, breath-taking views, and delicious food. Its exclusive venues make Taormina the ideal location for a dream wedding, and it is not surprising that many couples choose it for their wedding.

For couples wishing to have a civil ceremony, Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano has got a very Italian feeling. It is indisputably very beautiful and fascinating, with a simple yet elegant wedding hall.

For those wishing a religious ceremony, Taormina has got plenty of churches, making it hard – sometimes – to choose where to have the ceremony.

Last but not least… Symbolic ceremonies are becoming very popular, being the perfect option for those couples who don’t want to worry about paperwork for a civil or religious ceremony. Since symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding, they can take place wherever couples prefer.

If you fancy a virtual tour of the palace and churches in Taormina, go to! You will be stunned by those amazing location.

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Some people believe that organising a destination wedding may be more challenging than planning a home wedding, but this is not always true. Taking the following steps will certainly help you plan your dream destination wedding.

1) Organise a Site Visit
Visit your chosen location before starting to plan your wedding. Consider things such as accessibility for your guests, things to do and where to stay.
If you can’t visit the place, talk to other people who have been there and research online.

2) Have locals to help you
Whilst some people say that it is essential to hire a wedding planner, this is not always true, and we have had many couples who have organised their destination wedding by themselves.
Whatever your choice is, have locals to help you. Even the venue team can assist you with the organisation of your big day!

3) Research local marriage requirements
If you are planning to have a civil or religious ceremony, paperwork matters. Make sure you are aware of the legal process to avoid any last-minute surprise.

4) Budget
Be aware of local costs. Some couples are surprised when services have a different cost than what they would pay in their home country. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a destination wedding would be more expensive, but it is worth checking some costs to stick to your budget.

5) Give your guests a heads-up
It is essential to notify your guests well in advance so they can have plenty of time to arrange their travel. Save-the-dates should be sent at least 6 months in advance, and formal invitation at least 3 months before the wedding.

If you would like more advice, please do reach to us and we will be happy to assist you with your destination wedding.

Gaia xx


Think of a vibrant blue sea mixed with coral…

Coral is the Pantone colour of the year 2019, and it couldn’t be more perfect for a beach wedding as it is fresh and vivid. If you are looking for a coral themed beach wedding inspiration, check the inspiration boards and colour palette below.

Coral + Yellow
These two sunshiny colours together give a bright and warm touch to your wedding or bridal shower! We’re in love with this colour scheme! What do you think?

Coral + Green

Green is a natural colour perfect for an outdoor wedding. How about a tropical touch for a beach wedding? We love the images below!

Pictures via Pinterest
Coral + Gold
We certainly couldn’t not mention gold! This combination of colour is perfect to give a classy and elegant touch whilst creating a warm feeling!

So tell us, what is your favourite one? We would love to know that. Please, leave us a comment in the box below or send us an email.

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