Sunday Barbecue



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Hi everybody, this is the Tao Beach Club here.

Just wanted to inform you of our event on Sunday the 4th of June in TAORMINA

We will be having a barbecue party!

Starts at 8:00 PM and for two and a half hours we include a beer and wine open bar, and also:

A variety of barbecued meat

  • meat
  • beef
  • veal chops
  • veal ribs
  • pork capocollo

All served with a choice of salad, roasted veggies and lots and lots of fresh bread and bruschetta

The Dj Set will go on until midnight, we recommend you dress casually.

The Party will be taking place outdoors on our terrace on the beach overlooking the sea.

You’ll be able to take a seat and get comfortable in our cabanas or in our lounge area.

After the two and half hours the extra drinks will be charged

It will just be a great time

Children under the age of 10 will only pay 35 Euro. 

Address:  Via Nazionale, 175, 98039 Taormina ME

For more information: Email Phone: 329 884 1839